Private Jet Charters vs Commercial Flights

When comparing the pro’s and con’s of private jet charters versus commercial flights, there are two major factors that swing to both extremes of the pendulum: cost and flexibility.

Compare flying private vs commercial, and booking a private jet charter flight is always going to be more expensive.

However, with the higher cost comes higher levels of luxury, privacy, speed, flexibility, comfort and convenience incomparable to traveling commercial.

Private jets fly on the date & time you choose, to the domestic or international destination of your choice. Many charter planes will fly faster and reach higher speeds than commercial airlines, reaching your destination faster and reducing the time of your flight.

Private jets can take-off and land at major and general aviation airports, opening access to more than ten times the number of domestic destinations when compared to commercial airlines. This can also allow travelers to arrive/depart closer to their home or office.

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